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a special miracle

a special miracle

A Special Miracle (ASM) is a non-profit organization, 501(c)3 with a steadfast commitment to “uplifting families for down syndrome.” Our organization was established in South Florida in 2017, when our two families spent time together. Through our different stories, we laughed and reflected on the similar commonalities between Alex and Marcia, both the good times and the challenging moments. What started out as a small gathering between our two families, quickly transformed into talks about our siblings’ future and the possibility of starting a non-profit organization that would have a profound impact on our lives and other families.  


Years have passed since this initial gathering and a lot has changed both in the world and with our own lives. Although the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to halt our tote bag program and hospital visits, it has given us time to regroup and utilize the different platforms to connect and reach our audience. 


This non-profit corporation sets itself apart from other Down syndrome organizations by having a core group of leaders who are siblings of individuals with Down syndrome.  Our own experiences have taught us the significance of having a support group to share what's on our hearts and be able to connect through the support group of ASM. 

Our Story

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