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a special miracle

a special miracle

  • ASM at its core provides support, encouragement, and love to families who have or are expecting a child with down syndrome.​


    ASM’s plan is to go directly into the hospitals or homes to provide support by giving each family a special gift for their new baby. We believe those first days in the hospital or home are very important to families. We are excited to have Alex, Marcia, or a sibling in our family to deliver these personal gifts. We are here to uplift your spirit and bring joy, as we join in the celebration of your special miracle.

  • ASM helps families navigate through their child's journey by providing resources and sharing stories from our own personal experiences.


    ASM will provide families with educational resources to set your child up for success throughout the various stages of life development. Our organization is here to equip families with the right tools to maximize your child’s full potential. We will offer parenting workshops, cognitive training, parent and me classes, and a variety of resources throughout the community.

  • ASM builds a support system for all families to share their experiences and offer further support, education, and encouragement.


    ASM understands it is vital to family, friends, and the community to have a support system available. We are passionate about the unity of our two families because it has contributed to the growth and development of both Alex and Marcia. We choose not to see the world through one set of lenses, but continually adjust our lenses to see the many possibilities of individuals with Down syndrome. That’s why it is important to have a community of people of all ages, gender, race, and culture. We must be willing to share our testimonies, insights, stories and ideas to empower families to see a new perspective when it relates to individuals with Down syndrome.

  • ASM invests in advocacy, research and opportunity efforts for children and people with down syndrome to reach their full potential.


    For the future ASM wants to use this platform for:

    • Working with hospitals to raise awareness that having a child with Down syndrome is something to celebrate.

    • OBGYN, doctors, nurses, heath care staff and organizations that are inside the hospitals and willing to help us reach families that would benefit from our baby bags/totes.

    • Early intervention for our newborns.

    • Helping families be aware of different activities in our community.

    • Spreading the word about ASM.

    • Volunteering in the community by being a part of organizations that promote participation in extra activities for special needs.

    • Sharing with ASM and others your family experiences and wisdom.

    • Sharing links and/or conference and workshops in the area that promote Down syndrome advancements and research information.

    • Establish a sibling outreach program.

    • Sharing helpful information, including referrals for doctors, dentists, therapists, and homeopaths that you found that were exceptional with working with our special miracles.

    • Sharing in activities that allow for special needs children to be with their typical peers including sports, music, arts, theatre, dance, and other activities.

    • Helping young adults find jobs in the community, if you are hiring let us know.

    • Inclusion information for public schools.

    • Raising funds for scholarship programs to further their education.

Our Mission

ASM's mission is the pursuit of the following principles: support, education, community, and possibility.

"Every good and perfect gift is from above."

James 1:17

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