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Uplifting Families For Down Syndrome

A Special Miracle (ASM), is a proud supporter and advocate for people with down syndrome. Unlike other down syndrome organizations, this non-profit corporation is run primarily by a group of siblings of those with down syndrome. ASM works toward providing family support and educating both the families and medical providers on how to embrace the value and life of people with down syndrome.

Meet the Team

Introducing the faces of A Special Miracle - the Roland and Deangulo-Rebek-Nagy families and their "special miracles", Alex and Marcia.

Join the new ASM Nation blog forum, a supportive social community for sharing stories, encouraging others, and making an impact. 

Join our Blog

Learn about Totes

Our ASM Support Tote Bags outreach program provides parents and families with dozens of gifts and educational resources directly inspired by both Alex and Marcia.

Anyone can help ASM in a variety of ways. Your support will help our outreach efforts increase awareness and advocacy for the special needs community.

Make a Difference

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